Forensic Evaluations & Testimony

Forensic Psychology

Forensic psychology involves the application of psychological theories, methods, and practices to various matters within the judicial system. Dr. Mikesell’s forensic practice focuses on the relevant psycholegal question(s) for a particular case and then applies his expertise on the science and practice of psychology through the form of record review, attorney consultation, neuropsychological or psychological testing, production of a professional report and, if needed, expert testimony. Dr. Mikesell’s expertise in developmental, clinical, neuropsychological and rehabilitation psychology places him in a somewhat unique position to address a wide variety of psycholegal matters and to synthesize and integrate the nested complexities inherent in many cases. In doing so, Dr. Mikesell strives to provide an objective, independent, evidence-based approach to all cases, consultations, evaluations, reports and testimony.

Dr. Mikesell is Board Certified in Forensic Psychology by the American Board of Forensic Psychology (ABFP/ABPP).

Examples of areas where Dr. Mikesell has experience in the area of forensic psychology include:

Neuropsychological injuries -- TBI, neurotoxins, anoxic brain injury

Civil capacities, guardianship assessments, mental impairment

Assessment of dangerousness to self/others

Mental health care and treatment standards

Disability and ADA related claims

Civil rights litigation and workplace harassment

PTSD and psychological injury related claims

Assessments of psychological functioning of children, adolescents and adults

Reliable and practical child custody evaluations

Child protection and abuse evaluations

Assessment of parental fitness or rights

Visitation risk assessments

Adoption readiness

Psychological testing of children and adults

Psychological profiles of caregivers

Witness or defendant mental status or credibility

Victim or defendant evaluations

Assessment for possible malingering

Assessment of psychopathology or psychopathy (PCL-R Certified)

Violence risk assessment

Sexually Violent Predators (SVP) Article 10 evaluations

Criminal responsibility and competency

Personality profiling

Youthful offender pre-sentencing and waiver evaluations

Adult pre-sentencing evaluations

Specialized evaluations for all age groups

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