James W. Mikesell, PhD, ABPP

Board Certified in Forensic Psychology
Fellow, American Academy of Forensic Psychology


Practice of Clinical and

Forensic Psychology


With increasing emphasis, schools are required to address a myriad of problems presented by a diverse student body.  With the advent of increases in random school violence and programs designed to increase school safety, schools are much more proactive in identifying students at-risk.  However, proper approaches are needed to ensure the needs of the school and the needs of a student are met.

Schools have also become more responsive to students with educational disability issues such as LD, ED, OHI/TBI, or MR, who may also have co-existing mental health issues.  In doing so, many have sought the consultative support and expertise of Dr. Mikesell to ensure proper diagnosis and how the school system can more fully address the entirety of students' needs.

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