James W. Mikesell, PhD, ABPP

Board Certified in Forensic Psychology
Fellow, American Academy of Forensic Psychology


Practice of Clinical and

Forensic Psychology

Forensic psychology involves the application of psychological theories, methods, and practices to various matters within the judicial system.  As such, Dr. Mikesell's focuses on the relevant psycholegal question(s) for a particular case and then applies his expertise on the science and practice of psychology through the form of record review, attorney consultation, neuropsychological or psychological testing, production of a professional report and, if needed, expert testimony.

Contrary to what many people may assume, forensic psychology is not limited to criminal profiling or other criminal matters.  While such activities are often performed by a forensic psychologist, it is actually more common for a forensic psychologist to engage with patients outside of criminal proceedings.  Civil competencies, personal injury evaluations, law enforcement screening, or parental rights status evaluations are all different examples of how a forensic psychologist may assist the Court or other legally vested parties.


Examples of areas where Dr. Mikesell has experience in the area of forensic psychology include:

    Civil Court

  • Neuropsychological injuries -- TBI, neurotoxins, anoxic brain injury
  • Civil capacities, guardianship assessments, mental impairment
  • Assessment of dangerousness to self/others
  • Mental health care and treatment standards
  • Disability and ADA related claims
  • Civil rights and psychological injury
  • PTSD related claims
  • Assessments of psychological functioning of children, adolescents and adults


    Family Court

  • Reliable and practical child custody evaluations
  • Child abuse evaluations
  • Assessment of parental fitness or rights
  • Visitation risk assessments
  • Adoption readiness
  • Psychological testing of children and adults
  • Psychological profiles of caregivers

     Criminal Court

  • Witness or defendant mental status or credibility
  • Victim or defendant evaluations
  • Assessment for possible malingering
  • Assessment of psychopathology or sanity
  • Criminal responsibility
  • Personality profiling
  • Youthful offender pre-sentencing and waiver evaluations
  • Adult pre-sentencing evaluations
  • Credibility of a child witness
  • Specialized evaluations for all age groups

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